Do You Take Advantage of the Available MAPCasts?

By Kimberly Fantaci posted 12-18-2019 09:33 AM

CPAFMA provides more than 30 live webinars each year on a variety of firm management topics. Each MAPCast is recorded and available to watch at your convenience. Live MAPCasts offer CPE and PAFMs can take advantage of these educational opportunities for free!

Upcoming MAPCasts Include:
December 20, 2019
2020 Digitally Driven Firm Survey Results Overview @ 11:30 AM ET
Is your firm on the "bleeding" or stable edge of being a digitally driven firm? ...Or is your technology always lagging? Find out what digital technologies and evolving trends your peer firms are utilizing this upcoming busy season from Roman H. Kepczyk as he presents the findings of the 2020 CPAFMA Digitally Driven Firm Survey. Completed last week, this survey will provide you and your firm with the valuable, consistent benchmarking this survey is known to provide. Roman will not only discuss tax department findings that firms are using this year, but also cover audit and accounting, administration, and information technology benchmarks, as well as recommendations on trends and products he is predicting will impact the year ahead! All participants will receive a copy of the results following this 45-minute MAPCast.

January 7, 2020
The Rise of Advisory Services – Building a Sustainable CPA Firm @ 11:00 AM ET
Whether you are a sole practitioner or multi-partner firm, join Phil and David who will share with you the importance and relative ease of adding Advisory Services to your service offerings.