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August 2020 Confab on Diversity, Inclusion & Equity References PCPS D&I Toolkit

By Kimberly Fantaci posted 08-17-2020 11:24 PM

From the August 2020 Confab on Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, several members noted the usefulness of the PCPS Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit.  CPAFMA is proud to be an alliance partner with PCPS and share the following table of contents of their D&I Toolkit with you.  For members of the PCPS, we are happy to forward the Toolkit to you, simply message CPAFMA HQ through Connect.  For membership information, visit

PCPS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit
Table of Contents

* indicates resource is pdf included in zip file download

Toolkit roadmap* - Use the roadmap as a guide as you set your firm's priorities for
increasing diversity and building a culture of inclusion

Attracting diverse talent
Key points and steps to obtain leadership buy-in*
Business case for diversity and inclusion
Diversity and inclusion webcasts
AICPA diversity and inclusion glossary*
Dimensions of diversity wheel*
Understand and mitigate unconscious bias*
NPR Podcast: “The Culture Inside”
Three steps to address unconscious bias
Make an official statement of commitment on diversity and inclusion included in roadmap

Recruiting diverse talent
Diversity recruiting plan template*
Affinity organizations resource list
Listing of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic serving institutions (HSIs)
Tips for effective on boarding*

Retaining and advancing diverse talent
PCPS e-Toolkit: Mentoring toolkit
AICPA’s Online Mentoring Program
Coaching guide for managers*
Conducting “stay interviews” *
Sample diversity-and-inclusion questions for employee surveys*
Ways to recognize your employees*
Sign the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion